Proven sourcing network.

We’ve spent years cultivating a vast network of channels and relationships that enable us to resolve challenging supply situations and source the right components for your boards, in quantities that make sense for you and your budget.


We’ll help you align your process with your goals.

With over two decades of knowledge and experience in planning and managing successful programs, we’ll work closely with you to assess risks, plan milestones, manage timelines, and anticipate possible roadblocks standing between you and your goals.

Integrated logistics, material tracking, and reporting that keeps you on course.

Our robust logistical systems and support services allow us to function as a nimble extension of your company. From shipping and receiving to tracking, chain-of-custody, labeling, and serialization, we maintain tight control over the supplies and processes contributing to your projects. At the heart of our operation is a highly advanced MRP system custom-built for Silicon Hills that seamlessly links supply chain, production planning, material buying, tracking, scheduling, and inventory with our manufacturing floor operations. The status of all projects is displayed on real-time status monitors. Meanwhile, we keep clients informed on progress in real time with automated email updates according to specified criteria and milestones.

DFM: Confirming design functionality and manufacturability.

Our Design For Manufacturing (DFM) service is an essential checkpoint between design and full-scale manufacturing where we work closely with you to identify, anticipate, and correct potential problems before they become costly setbacks that can cause delays or even halt production. We’ll ensure your PCB design is optimized for speed, efficiency, manufacturability, and cost-effectiveness. With over two decades of helping companies build the electronic circuitry at the heart of their products, we’ve amassed an unparalleled level of knowledge and experience. Our DFM service is your opportunity to benefit from it.

DFT: Ensure your board design aligns with your testing plan.

Equipping your PCB with adequate testability gives your designers increased flexibility and greater control over your design—particularly important when it comes to fulfilling your test plan. In our Design For Testing (DFT) service, we’ll work closely with you to review your testing priorities and ensure your board design is optimized for adequate testing accessibility.

Have a skills gap on your team? We can help.

Are the capabilities of your team aligned with your product strategy? If not, Silicon Hills has a certified IPC trainer on staff that can deliver cost-effective, targeted training that will deliver the competencies and certifications you require.

Unwavering dedication to quality and continuous improvement.

Our commitment to quality and continuous improvement is a foundational part of our DNA—and has been from the start. With over 100 years of combined experience in electronics, our senior QA/QC staff holds all the key certifications and has been trained to all the latest standards in inspection, workmanship, and testing. With Silicon Hills, your project will be in the best possible hands for ensuring expectations are met with zero compromises.

Quality programs

ISO 9001:2015
IPC/WHMA-A-620 class II